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    On Sunday June 29th GoGo Kids Remuera is excited to host the fantastic author Jill Eggleton in-store for a special book signing! From 1-2pm Jill will be with us at 2/319 Remuera Rd (we’re right by the street with the illustrated window), so come on in and get one of her many wonderful books signed and peruse the large selection of her works we currently have in store!

    Jill Eggleton is a very successful author with a wealth of experience in education, literacy, and teaching. She has written many fun books that help children develop their reading skills that you may recognise from your children’s school. Jill is an internationally recognised literacy consultant, and she has written over 900 books in her 30+ year career which focus on building an accessible and enjoyable path to literacy for all children. Jill is also an expert on training and the professional side of teaching children to read, so her visit could prove invaluable to any educators who attend the signing and are interested in chatting with Jill. Jill has also amassed considerable critical acclaim, including winning the Storylines Margaret Mahy Award in 2015 and in the 2010 New Years Honours List Jill was made a companion of the Queen’s Service Order for services to education and literacy.

    In our collection of Jill’s books we have a number of titles that we enjoy for their humour and how fun they are to read aloud with their clever usage of rhyme and onomatopoeia, as well as bright and engaging illustrations that connect with children’s imaginations. Here are some of our staff favourites:

    Big Bubba features Big Bubba Hippo, a baby hippo living with Big Papa and Big Mama Hippo in the Ringting River. Big Bubba struggles to listen to his parents and one day this gets him into trouble but luckily lots of animals come to his rescue including the clever Parrot. This exciting book also includes an audio CD reading of the story so children can read-along or the whole family can enjoy the story while travelling.

    Big Bubba

    Butterfly Magic is a story about the grumpy Mr Grizzle who grouches at everyone and everything until his new neighbour Beatrix B. moves in and hatches a plan to cheer him up.This colourful and sweet book also comes with a digital audio file accessible online.


    Never Tug a Tiger’s Tail and other ridiculous rhymes is a wonderful book of short poems sure to enchant and please any child. It engages with topics including nature, the fantastical, siblings, and space in a fun and visually exciting way. This book also comes with an audio CD so the poems can be enjoyed at any time. It is currently available in-store.


     Never Tug a Tiger's Tail

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    It is truly an honour for us to host Jill at GoGo Kids Remuera, and we encourage you to take this opportunity to meet such a successful and well-renowned author and educator. We hope to see you there!


    Book Signing Event

    Sat, 29 June 2019 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

    Meet Jill Eggleton at GoGoKids

    Don't miss getting Jill Eggleton's signature on your new books!