What is Educational Insights

Educational Insights is play enthusiasts. Educational Insights aim to create experiences filled with sheer joy and uncontrollable laughter. Educational Insights are champions of curiosity and those “eureka” moments of discovery. In addition to inspiring creativity, imagination, good sportsmanship, and out-of-the-box learning, our inventive line of kid- 
kid-powered toys and engaging games are packed full of fun, designed to delight, and are certain to satisfy kids’ natural curiosity.

Why Educational Insights?

Educational Insights is playful:
Our team motto is, “Where work is play.” Educational Insights love to laugh, ride our bright-red scooter through the halls, and are tickled to test out new games. Our love of play transfers into the toys and games Educational Insights create, making many learning experiences, Educational Insightsll, more playful.

Educational Insights is Creative

Educational Insights know how to capture your child’s attention and imagination. From packaging to product, Educational Insights think outside of the toy box to help your child learn about the world around them. Sometimes that means indulging crazy ideas and borrowing inspiration from all around us.

Educational Insights believe in learning through play:
Educational Insights create out-of-the box, active learning experiences that will inspire your children’s curiosity, and encourage them to explore, discover, and create!

Educational Insights is experts in our fields:

Educational Insights has been helping kids learn through play for the last 50+ years. Educational Insights take great pride in working with experts in many distinct fields—from scientists to teachers to artists—to ensure that our products are always the very best they can be.

Educational Insights's Playful Promise

Educational Insights want to exceed your expectations. Educational Insights work hard to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and that kids feel happy, confident and inspired after playing with them. If the product you’ve purchased is not giving your child an exceptional experience, then you can simply return it and you will get your money back. That’s it! No short return windows, no endless rationale needed—just ship the product back within a year of purchase and you’ll get your refund.

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