What's Tublock?

Tublock (Tube lock) is a new shape assembly block, made by piping joint manufacture.
You can make various shapes that are not found in conventional blocks by making use of the 3 functions; connect, bend, and divide.

Three features of Tublock                                                                     

Feature 1: A round block with pipe shape!

The characteristic of Tublock is the round shape of pipe shape.
It is up to you whether you make use of this roundness !

Feature 2: Connection structure that can be connected from either.

Since it has both functions of concave and convex on the same side, you can connect more and more without worrying about the direction!

Feature 3: After joining, you can rotate!

After connecting, you can also rotate the connecting part. You can use whatever you want like making its head tilt or make its arms rotate.

Variety of parts types                                                                            

There are 3 types of size; S / M / L, and color has 110 kinds of parts in total of all 5 colors, so you can play various combinations in different combinations. Please enjoy making original works

There are 7 types of parts!

 PipesCapsReducersElbowsBranch Tee90° Branch TeeCross Tee

3 types of parts sizes

5 types of parts colors

Making unique shapes is much fun!!                                                        

You can make anything you want with unique shapes; small and cute character with smooth surface, large buildings, vehicles, and factory equipment. From small children to big adults, you all can enjoy.