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    Toys are a very important part of everyone’s childhood. Every kid has a favorite toy that remains with him/her at absolutely all times. Toys are not just good for playing, they actually are a very important part of the early childhood education of kids. Toys enhance the creativity of kids, the activities associated with toys can help improve pretend play, and social play with themselves as well as with others.

    Toys for kids are a very important part of the child’s development. They can help build different skills in child and help them to have a better mental growth. This post talks about some of the ways in which toys impact the children’s development.

    How Toys Impact Children's Development?

    1. Joy

    Toys are a great entertainment source for kids, they can keep the child busy for hours. Toys bring joy to kids, they feel happy when they are playing with toys. This is because they get to play with them just as they want, they use their imagination to imagine every toy’s character in their play and what this character does. This nurtures the creativity and imagination of kids which is further enhanced through books and other activities.

    1. Build the social kids of child

    Toys for kids give the child a great opportunity to socialize with other kids of their age and play together. This builds their social skills, how they interact with other kids, how they share their own toys and how do they make the perfect characters for each toy with mutual discussion and agreement. This is the initial stage of learning how we need to live with other people and how we socialize in the society.

    1. Builds relationships for kids

    When the kids are playing either with other kids or with their parents, their bonds grow stronger. As it seen that the kids that play together are closer to each other generally and share a stronger bond. Similarly, toys can also give the parents an opportunity to strengthen their bond with their kids. When parents play with kids and their toys they become a part of the child’s imaginative world, they make a different place for these characters of mother and father to fit in. Now it depends on the parents on what kind of they role they portray to be, is it a friendly one who the kid loves to play with, or is it a more strict one that the kid is more afraid of.

    How Toys Impact Children's Development?


    1. Builds a sense of sharing

    In child development the ability to share things with others is a very important personality trait. In this world we can’t have everything to ourselves, we have to share it with other people. And toys, very effortlessly, nurture this concept into the kids when they share their toys with their fellow kids. Sharing their own things with friends, and how they should use other people’s things, all of these concepts become a part of the early child development.

    1. Educational toys help in mental growth

    Some toys for kids are made for educational purposes, like some puzzles, or memory games. Such toys slowly help in the mental growth of child. Their memory gets better, they are able to solve some simple puzzles. This strengthens their thinking capability. Such toys also introduce the kids with a new feeling, the feeling of accomplishment when they finish a puzzle, especially when do it on their own. It boosts up their self confidence which is very healthy and beneficial for them when they go into school.

    Toys have great impact on child’s development, these toys remain a part of the early memories for the whole life. Therefore, it is necessary the child is provided with good, educational and gender biased free toys. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that when they go to the toy store they pick the right for their child.

    How Toys Impact Children's Development